OATs - IEC 61131 - Architecture

  • Easy to use Programming Environment,
  • detailed documentation,
  • PLC simulation,
  • large libraries with more than 650 function blocks,
  • run-time kernels with pre-emptive multitasking,
  • compiles to fast executing native machine code,
  • function block programming in C/C++ optional,
  • non-commercial, PC-based version for universities and private usage.

OATs is both an IEC 61131 Programming Support Environment (PSE) to create automation projects and an associated run-time kernel which is the required controller or PLC to execute a project.

Available here is a non-commercial, PC-based OATs version for download and evaluation. The Programming Support Environment requires MS-Windows and the run-time kernel executes on MS-DOS, FreeDOS and similar.

For a PC-based, commercial version or for an implementation of OATs for customer hardware please call or email.

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