OATs - IEC 61131 - Languages

IEC 61131 is the first world-wide standard for the programming languages used in PLCs.

OATs currently supports 6 programming languages.

ST Structured Text
optionally with textual SFC
IL Instruction List
optionally with textual SFC
LD Ladder Diagram
FBD Function Block Diagram
SFC Sequential Function Chart
with LD and FBD for transitions and actions
QFB Quick Function Blocks
a textual function block diagram, but not an IEC 61131 -3 language

Instruction List, Structured Text and Quick Function Block are textual languages while Ladder Diagram, Function Block Diagram and Sequential Function Chart are graphical programming languages.

Sequential Function Chart is not a language but a common element within the IEC 61131 -3. The SFC usually needs another programming language for it's content. In OATs you can use ladder diagram and function block diagram for the graphical SFC.

OATs additionally supports the textual form of the SFC with instruction list or structured text. This programming method is also part of IEC 61131 -3.

Depending on the platform function blocks and functions can be programmed in C/C++.

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