OATs - IEC 61131 - Online

Powerful online capabilities are an OATs stronghold.

  • Communicates over TCP/IP or RS232,
  • simultaneous connection to several controllers,
  • simultaneous connection from several workstations,
  • viewing and modifications even without project source code,
  • all programming languages online viewable,
  • transfer files to and from controllers,
  • y-t-diagrams like an oscilloscope to view variables,
  • online programming,
  • DDE for SCADA and HMI.

OATs uses a virtual Process Control (vPC) communication for all online access to client stations connected by TCP/IP or RS232. In case of the PLC simulation OATs establishes a virtual network between the Programming Environment and the simulated controllers.

OATs can concurrently display objects on multiple workstations from several controllers at the same time. As all OATs kernels hold enough information to reconstruct object names, data types and embedded elements, it is possible to display objects, when no source code of a project is available. This makes handling of networking applications very easy.

You can even "dig" into instances without source code. Not only standard data types like BOOL, WORD, LREAL, or STRING can be displayed. Functions and function block instances are visible objects too.

The IEC 61131 -3 textual or graphical programming languages can be viewed and manipulated online.

Additionally OATs has powerful online-programming capabilities.

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